Find out how you can hand over everything!

The path to superior handover is one click away!

Maintain accurate project data throughout the project life cycle.

Stakeholders know exactly what to capture and when to capture it.

Reduce time spent looking for project information.

Standards ensure owner's requirements are met.

Reduce rework resulting from bad data.

Defined handover processes eliminate duplicated efforts.

Give Direction

Know who is responsible for collection, when collection should take place, and the method for collection.

Assign data and document collection and verification responsibilities to project stakeholders.  Eliminate duplicated data and document management efforts and provide clear direction to all team members.

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Set Expectations

Handover Standards set the stage!

Set expectations by defining data and documentation requirements for each asset type within a project. Provide crystal clear requirements for what is expected to be delivered.

Enhance Accountability

Track progress of handover assembly by stakeholder, asset type, and asset status.

Handover dashboards provide the insight you need to track progress against your project’s Handover Standards and maintain accountability with project stakeholders. Dashboards let you know when you handover assembly is complete.

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The path to superior handover is one click away!